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Sorry for the low review, but I think it’s an important bug to fix. Administrators should monitor storage space and add storage or configure the minimal number of incremental/full file/image backups to be lower if such an error occurs. UrBackup’s database is in a mode which enables high concurrency. The client has as defaults /var/log/urbackup_client.log and C:\\Progam files\UrBackup\debug.log. Compression and unused area management are done by btrfs. In order to create and remove btrfs snapshots UrBackup installs a setuid executable urbackup_ snapshot_helper. UrBackup also uses this tool to test if cross-device reflinks are possible. The hours are on the 24 hour clock.

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All you need to do is select the backup you want to restore and click restore, right from your WordPress dashboard. Directory filters : Useful to include / exclude predefined directories from the backup. You can find more detailed instructions in our online documentation Is WPBackItUp really free? The premium version of WPBackItUp will allow you to restore your site from backup with a single click. Each log message has a certain severity, namely error, warning, info or debug.

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Use for example your admin account to access all clients and their image backups. Backups can be started on client requests as well. Once you have your WordPress site setup the way you want, just BackItUp and use that backup archive as a starting point for all your new sites. The server establishes a permanent connection to each client on its command port with which the clients can request backups or change their settings. Compression can be achieved by using a fuse file system on top of them such as fusecompress. Yes. WPBackItUp is used by many professional designers & developers just this way. For the blocks in an image backup SHA256 is used. You should test UrBackup clients before using them on the clients. Default: Checked. If this is checked the server will show on the status page (to admins only) if there is a new server version available. The server creates a new directory where it will save the backup.

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You can also run the «check_version.exe» executable ( on Linux) [top]Storage modes Areca can handle multiple storage modes :Standard : It is the default mode, which is recommended for most users : If you choose this storage mode, a new archive will be created for each backup. Will WPBackItUp work with WordPress version x.x? WPBackItUp works on the current release of WordPress and is updated to function with all new releases. Please see for pricing info and our no-risk offer. Download the client installer for the Internet client and send it to the new client. Update: Automated cleanup uses file retention limits for all logs. Should your FTP server ever crash or you accidentally delete a file, you can recover the copy from your computer! Additionally, you can call this script from batch files to perform automated file uploads. A few uses for this include (but, of course, not limited to): Include in backup scripts to send data offsite. PowerGREP itself comes with the same documentation as a context-sensitive help file.

Afterwards run “remove unknown” described in section 11.4. The UrBackup server storage system is designed in a way that it is able to save as much backups as possible and thus uses up as much space on the storage partition as possible. Backups are only deleted if there are at least the configured minimal number of incremental/full file/image backups other file/image backups in storage for the client owning the backup. If no such backup is found UrBackup cancels the current backup with a fatal error. Those are gcc, g++, make, libcrypto++ and libcurl (as development versions). Compile and install the server via ./configure, make and make install. Then add fastcgi.server = ( «/urbackup/x» => (( «host» => «», «port» => 55413 )) ) to the ’fastcgi.conf’ file. UrBackup Client only answers commands if the server or the interface process supply it with credentials. Thus if you want to send reports about one client to a specific email address you have to create a user for this client, login as that user and configure the reporting for that user. Если возникнут вопросы — напишите нам, пожалуйста, тикет из Панели управления аккаунта, раздел «Помощь и поддержка». Link the urbackup/www directory into the webroot as described in the apache configuration. Unless your site is extremely large(many gigabytes) it should only take a few minutes for your backup to complete. If your back up has been running for longer than 15 minutes then there may be an issue. Setting this correctly can help avoid saturating the Internet connection of a client (see 8.1.13 for setting speed with window) — Total max backup speed for internet connection The total accumulative backup speed for all Internet clients.

Fix: Add support for windows MySql database exports. With that in mind it is best practice to use a separate file system for the backup storage or to set a quota for the ’urbackup’ user. After startup it will look for a backup server. If it does not find one, you can enter the backup server’s IP/hostname and change your networking settings. Image backups can be restored with a Debian GNU/Linux based bootable CD/USB-stick. Compression If archive compression is chosen, a zip file is built at each backup instead of a standard directory. Since the cleanup procedure can sometimes be bottlenecked by the database it may be advisable to switch the database into a mode which allows less concurrency but is fast for some operations for the cleanup procedure. Yes, the premium version of WPBackItUp provides a one click restore option. If you can click a button then you can restore your site.

Just purchase our premium support option and we will have your site restored in no time. Depending on your firewall settings, the first time you run this script you may be prompted to allow FTP to connect to the Internet. When browsing backups the web interface will show a restore button if the client is online. Yes, the database export contains everything related to the database. Fix: Backup lists were not being ordered properly under available backups. This option has no effect with the btrfs file system and the raw image file format because full images will be disabled automatically there. Update: Extensive updates to error handling and messaging Update: Enhancements to backup email notification.

Here are just a few of our incredible features. WinSCP will answer all prompts negatively to avoid holding up the script. Directory flags Each directory to backup has a set of flags. If you do not specify any flags the default flags will be used. The archival window allows you to archive backups at very specific times. Quick check box here and there and the site was back up generating me money. All new or modified files since the last backup will be stored in this archive. Search for ‘WPBackItUp’ in the plugin directory and click install. Or, upload the files to your wp-content/wp-backitup/ folder. For UrBackup to be able to use the snapshotting mechanism the Linux kernel must be at least 3.6. If UrBackup detects a btrfs file system it uses a special snaphotting file backup mode. It saves every file backup of every client in a separate btrfs sub-volume. All scripts except “prefilebackup.bat” on Windows have to be created first. The specific settings and their description are: Settings Description Example Mail server name Domain name or IP address of mail server Mail server port Port of SMTP service.

Accordingly UrBackup is divided into a client and server software. The core client process is responsible for building a list of all files in the directories to be backed up. Turn on compression for the urbackup folder (in Explorer: Right click and properties). If you are not using a really old computer it should pay off without decreasing the backup speed. Default: Not checked. If you check this UrBackup will try to shut down the server if it has been idle for some time. Otherwise the dataplan database at is used to estimate the data usage limit via the clients hostname. How long do backups take? WPBackItUp is really fast. This can be done from the «Logical view», in the graphical user interface. After you have installed the UrBackup server you should perform following steps: Go to the user settings and add an admin account. If you do not do this everybody who can access the server will be able to see all backups!

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