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And this was also my first time making purchase from overseas which i supposed to be quite risky. Apk extension stands for Android Package and it is the installer file you need to add application to your chinese tablet pc, idem to msi extension in Windows OS. Running the apk files will install the application. After installing “ADB driver installer” laptop will detect the device. After setting a pin-code password he cannot recall the code. With the latest Android 4.2.2 mobile operating system, giving you access to thousands of free apps, which are available to download from the Google Play store. But considering the price was cheap (under $100) and if any bad things happened (cheating seller, broken in shipment, undelivered and etc) i just lost some bucks so i finally decided that it was worth to try and i will take the risk. Remember you can’t give factory reset Chinese android tablet by pressing volume and power keys.

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Thanks for your help. (WiFi problem fixed at the end) Ron Stewart: I did it! I successfully fix my WM8650 Android 2.3 tablet after a month of desperate feeling. I am totally a newbie and think it will be difficult to do it myself. Here we are listing the sequence for few tablets to be enter into the Android recovery menu. Please allow 5-7 days for a credit to appear on your account. Stay Connected The StarPAD ships WiFi ready so you can surf the web, check your emails, listen to music, play the latest games and stream videos wherever you are; whatever you’re doing. The first frame I saw on screen was the standing still android robot again, but after a minute, the screen did not shift to other frame about warning nor message. Summary: Never Give UpThe key is to use the correct and suitable firmware for your tablet, though all the firmwares are built with Android OS but they may vary by brands and models. Below is the method used to factory reset Chinese android tablet. But after slowly reading and understanding the steps in your ebook (trying to figure out everything..LOL), i give it a try on my tablet.First i didnt make it because of the wrong firmware i chose, but after trying the third firmware, i make it back to life again. Overall the shipping costs may cost me the same price as a new tablet pc. This ebook guide is provided with no support, but you can use the comments section below this article to share and discuss solutions to your problems with others. There are many different versions of 8650 tablets using different touchscreen decoder chips — vt1603 or uor615x or uor615 or vt1609 or it7260 or others.

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With up to 6 hours of battery life (more than 10 days on standby) you don’t need to worry about running out of juice any time soon. Quad Core Processor, Compact, Fast, Reliable With its ultra speed Quad Core Processor (1.2GHz x 4), Complete with a multi-touch 7-inch display and ultra compact design, weighing in at just 299 grams, it’ll fit in your palm easily and make your web browsing or e-reading a joyful experience. After the process finished, the screen displayed a message to remove the micro SD and restart the tablet. The firmware download links are hosted by third party servers, therefore there will be no warranty that all the firmware files are still available for download, depending on the terms and conditions of the hosting sites. For Moneybookers or Alertpay payment, please contact me. She asked me about the type of tablet I purchased and offered to upgrade the firmware again, but this time with a different firmware, not the previous two files.

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Now I am out of ideas… New ideas, tools etc. are warmly welcome! For me, it meant there was no hope for my tablet, it had totally died. I was very upset and threw it to a corner of my house. «Rubbish» I mumbled. Then I removed my micro SD card from the card reader and put it in the tablet micro SD slot while the tablet is off. The following example shows you how to modify the touchscreen decoder chip model in firmware files from vt1603 model to uor615x model. Note: The above mentioned procedure to factory reset Chinese android tablet is tried and tested however readthetech is not responsible for any damage to your device. User Reviews: eiffel: it works…..thank you DougieLB: Thanks for the fix, it’s the best $2.99 we’ve spent in ages. Recently one of my Chinese android tablet’s passwords was changed by kids. Return Policy:We want you to be happy with the items you purchase from . If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return item(s) for a refund within 30 days from item receipt. Since we cannot start the tablet I have tried make a factory reset without success. With the power adapter kept charging to ensure that no power failure during firmware upgrade process, I turned the tablet on, hoping to get a message or warning of the firmware upgrade process like the one described in one forum about the firmware upgrade process.

Curious, I waited longer (20 minutes — 30 minutes) and there was still nothing on the screen. First EncounterThe parcel was delivered in about 10 days by UPS ExpressSaver which I had chosen when making the purchase. Remember hard reset will wipe out your all data. Regards! I moved the problem from since this seems to be a more accurate forum. Your android tablet will restart automatically after this procedure. By above mentioned procedure you can easily remove any lock or factory reset Chinese android tablet. The window will be look alike the picture below. Thank you so much bro! 😀 Fadi Henri: Really this is an EXTREMELY helpful ebook … So, thanks a lot for your great efforts. Press “1” and then press “Enter” to check either the device is connected or not.

Another sales team (not the one who handled my case before) replied my message. Thanks a million! joan adkins: Thank god i found this site! I get my tablet back to life againthanks to the complete firmware list in your ebook. U are my savior! Tough one or more tablets can have same button sequence. She told me not to worry (but I actually DID..!!), and asked me if I wanted to try her suggestion first or sent the tablet back to them immediately. This is what I have tried: Shut it down. After many hit and trial methods I came up with a solution. By using it I removed the password successfully without factory or hard reset. Now install “Android Multi Tools” .You can download it from Here. The 3 files were part of a RAR file which were splitted.

Once android multi tool downloaded run its .EXE file. Paulfaulk: THANK YOU SO MUCHyou have saved my bacon with your guideI owe you one Sat K: Hi Admin, I was able to get the tablet up and running…. Thanks for your help. The author or should not be held liable for any defects, problems, data lost and any related issues arisen which may occur during or after the upgrade process. Due to my busy activities at that time, I had almost forgotten it and did not even try to contact the seller again to tell her about the failure. Payment via PayPal, a trusted & secure online payment. This make it ideal as a palm-held mobile device to take your work, play, reading with you everywhere you go. Return Exceptions:Although we have a very flexible return policy on most items we sell, there are some exceptions. For safety and to make sure there was no battery failure during the firmware upgrade process, I plugged in the power adapter. My 8-year old son have a Denver TAC-76001, he loves testing settings etc. First you need to connect your tablet with the PC/laptop Check in “Device manager” either system detected the tablet or not. If system detected the device then install “Android Multi Tools”. Otherwise you need drivers to detect your device. What do customers buy after viewing this item?

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