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Meter cable Meter assembly Main switch cover Cover Legshield… Page 59 INSP VALVE CLEARANCE ADJUSTMENT YP303004 ENGINE VALVE CLEARANCE ADJUSTMENT NOTE: Valve clearance adjustment should be made with the engine cool, at room temperature. Важно работать одновременно и слаженно. 6. Далее повторяем шаги 3 и 4 до тех пор, пока ручка не станет нажиматься очень туго. This information will be needed when ordering spare parts from a Yamaha dealer. Photos: Adam Bolton Posted: 17 Mar 2015 Yamaha YP250 X-Max Living up to an older sibling can be difficult. Reaching the floor isn’t too much of an issue either.

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Achtung! Много картинокСкрытый текст (+/-)Yamaha YP250 август 1995 года. The built-in sidestand switch is part of… Page 37: Ignition Circuit Cut-off System 8 It cuts the running engine when the sidestand is moved down. Далее головкой на 19 с трещеткой крутим гайку вариатора против часовой стрелки на 2-4 оборота, и смотрим, чтобы обе метки совпали. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is expressly prohibited. Refer to “COOLING SYSTEM” section in chapter 5. 3-25… Page 76 INSP FRONT BRAKE ADJUSTMENT EB304002 CHASSIS FRONT BRAKE ADJUSTMENT 1. Check: D Brake lever free play a Out of specification ! Adjust. Come and say hi on Google+ or Facebook. Заводские номера сегмента 4HC4. Yamaha YP250 ABS январь 1998. Заводские номера сегмента 5CG1Yamaha YP250 SV июнь 1998. Изменено передаточное соотношение. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Page 44 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Front flasher light (right) Brake hose stopper D Do not interfere each other Front flasher light (left) Marking after installing the handlebar Handlebar switch (right) lead upper cover. Spacer Bearing Reverse the removal procedure for installation. Производителя, каждый выбирает по своему вкусу, цвету и цене!

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Page 101: Cylinder Head CYLINDER HEAD CYLINDER HEAD 22 Nm (2.2 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 60 Nm (6.0 mSkg) 8 Nm (0.8 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Cylinder head removal Remove the parts in the order. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. is expressly prohibited. Page 65 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR 4. If the engine oil is below the min- imum level mark, add sufficient oil of the recommended type to raise it to the correct level. 5. Insert the dipstick into the oil filler hole, and then tighten the oil filler cap. Always com- excessively worn tires. bility, and safe operation of your ply with the local regulations. Such an inspection can be accomplished in a very short time; and the added safety it assures is more than worth the time involved. EWA00033 If any item in the Pre-operation check list is not working properly, have it inspected and repaired before operat- ing the scooter. Caliper support bolt Refer to “BRAKE PAD Brake pad REPLACEMENT” section. Если Вы что нибудь не поняли или в чем нибудь сомневаетесь, то как говорил уважаемый ЗВIР – «есть такая штука, как мануал – очень занятное чтиво», что самое главное — там все интуитивно понятно и без перевода!!!Шапка будет постепенно дополняться. Always follow the following preven- tive measures: D Charge batteries in a well-ventilated area. D Keep batteries away from fire, sparks or open flames (e.g., welding equipment, lighted cigarettes, etc.) D DO NOT SMOKE when charging or han- dling batteries. Store it in a cool, dry and pedals as well as of the place and charge it once a sidestand/centerstand.

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Swingarm Refer to “REAR SHOCK ABSORBER AND SWINGARM” section. Отсоединяем шланг, идущий от бензонасоса в топливный фильтр, в топливный фильтр заливаем бензин до тех пор, пока он не будет полный. That basic sounding engine puts out a fairly respectable 21bhp and 15ft-lbs of torque — coming in at 7500 and 6500rpm respectively – and as a result, it’s definitely no slouch. Page 180: Front Brake CHAS FRONT BRAKE FRONT BRAKE BRAKE PAD 23 Nm (2.3 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Brake pad removal Remove the parts in order. Page 100 SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE Long-term a. Remove the spark plug cap Storage St o r a ge Before storing your scooter for sever- and spark plug. Spacer Oil seal Reverse the removal procedure for installation. Форум: >50cc обсуждение Vovan1320 Рейтинг: 5 Возраст: 33 годаС нами: 3 года 183 дняСообщений: 330Транспорт:Yamaha majesty 250 vУкраина, Киев Троещина-Борщаговка тел.: 050-787-42-49 3bip пишет:vovan1320 пишет:В общем примерно такая со мной получилась история! Yamaha Parts *Parts and manuals with $0.00 please email us for Pricing and availability* Genuine Yamaha Parts shown here are U.S. models.

Page 66 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR 6. Add the specified amount of the 7. Start the engine, and then let it recommended engine oil, and idle for several minutes while then install and tighten the oil checking it for oil leakage. If oil is filler cap. Поздравляю! Спасибо Не расстраивайся. Да я вроде и так на позитиве ( от покупки давно хотел ) Всё лечится. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! Делать очень аккуратно, открывать и закрывать быстро, так как жидкость разбрызгивается и вытекает под напором.Проверяем тормоза — зажимаем соответствующую ручку и тащим с силой скутер вперед или назад. Page 129 V-BELT, CLUTCH AND SECONDARY/PRIMARY SHEAVE YP****** V-BELT INSPECTION 1. Inspect: S V-belt 1 Cracks/Wear/Scaling/Chipping ! Re- place. Torque specifications (Nut) (Nut) (Bolt) (Bolt) specifications for special components or as- mSkg semblies are included in the applicable sections 10 mm 6 mm of this book.

Подсоединяем шланг на место 13. Подсоединяем воздушные патрубки, ставим на место фильтрбокс 14. Начинаем заводить Запуск производить на заряженном АКБ. Раза с 3-5 подхватит и заведется. Page 181 CHAS FRONT BRAKE YP702010 BRAKE PAD REPLACEMENT NOTE: It is not necessary to disassemble the brake cal- iper and brake hose to replace the brake pads. 1. Remove: S Bolt (caliper support bolt) 1 Move the direction brake caliper to the ar- row mark. Возле бачка есть верхний болт на 12 для стравливания воздуха. This informa- tion applies to vehicles already in service as well as to new vehicles that are being prepared for sale. However, If you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. To learn more about the cookies related to our website, how we use them and their benefits, please read the «How Does Yamaha use cookies» section on the Yamaha website.

You’ll not be pulling over for fuel much on those long commutes either; a 12.5 litre tank and mpg figures of around 60-70 offers a decent range. The need for costly overhaul work will be greatly reduced. Dowel pin Crankshaft assembly Refer to “CRANKSHAFT REMOVAL/ INSTALLATION” section. Refer to the “A.C. MAGNETO AND A.C. magneto STARTER CLUTCH” section. Once higher up the rev range it all starts working very nicely and makes light work of slower moving vehicles in and out of town. Adjusting the rider seat 2. Remove the bolts and collars. EAU03331 Ri d er seat , adj u st i n g 3. Page 34 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS Compartment A Compartment B 1. Button 1. Lever 1. Rider seat 2. Lid 2. Lid a. Lock. Turning out ! Free play is decreased. D Tighten the locknut. Page 53: Side Panel And Seat INSP COVER AND PANEL COVER AND PANEL SIDE PANEL AND SEAT Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Side panel and seat removal Remove the parts in order.

Page 113 VALVES AND VALVE SPRINGS YP402030 4. Measure: S Spring tilt Out of specification ! Replace. Page 87 INSP BATTERY INSPECTION YP305000 ELECTRICAL BATTERY INSPECTION NOTE: Since the MF battery is a sealed type battery, it is not possible to measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte in order to check the charge state of the battery. Выкручиваем оставшиеся 2 болта крепления (головка на 8); 14.Снимаем голову, ставим поршень в НМТ (о цепи не забываем), смотрим состояние камеры сгорания, цилиндра и поршня; 15. Откручиваем 2 болта (шестигранник на 5) крепления водяного патрубка к цилиндру. Hard Standard Soft Adjusting position: CAUTION: D Never turn the adjuster beyond the maximum or minimum setting. Oil seal Refer to “FRONT WHEEL Bearing DISASSEMBLY /ASSEMBLY” section. Пожелания и предложения по поводу шапки отправляйте в ЛС. MEDVEDСоздатель темы пишет:Цитата:Всем привет! Page 43 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Seat lock A Clamp the mainharness and H Clamp the mainharness, A.C. Air filter case sidestand switch lead magneto lead, starter motor Breather hose together the frame. lead and engine earth lead Fuel hose B Clamp the sidestand switch together inside the frame.

Нужно придерживать резиновый переходник с двух сторон, что бы его не сорвало и жидкость не разлилась. Page 182 CHAS FRONT BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 26 Nm (2.6 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Master cylinder removal Remove the parts in order. Poor connection ! Correct. NOTE: After cleaning the terminals, grease them light- 7. Install: D Battery 8. Connect: D Battery leads CAUTION: Connect the positive lead first and then connect the negative lead. Page 10 QGIVE SAFETY THE RIGHT OF WAY EAU03099 Further safe-riding points Saf e — r i d i n g poi n t s 8 Be sure to signal clearly when making turns. 8 Braking can be extremely difficult on a wet road. Regular care and maintenance are essential for preserving value and operating condition of your scooter. Ставим поршень в ВМТ и надеваем цилиндр на него , одной рукой направляя поршень а другой рукой, аккуратно покачивая, загоняем цилиндр на посадочное место, не забываем следить за кольцами и направлением поршня, продеть цепь ГРМ, и следим, чтобы не порвать паранитовую прокладку при установке. Page 187 CHAS FRONT BRAKE CALIPER 26 Nm (2.6 mSkg) 23 Nm (2.3 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Caliper removal Remove the parts in order.