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Page 88: Battery Inspection INSP BATTERY INSPECTION D Batteries generate explosive hydrogen gas. Page 3 8 This manual should be considered a permanent part of this scooter and should remain with it even if the scooter is subsequently sold. 8 Yamaha continually seeks advancements in product design and quality. Valve guide inside diameter: Intake: 6.000 X 6.012 mm… Page 114 VALVES AND VALVE SPRINGS 3. Measure: S Valve seat width a Out of specification ! Reface the valve seat. Mainharness D Band the brake cable 2 to the J Pass the brake cable 2 through Downtube frame at the upper part of the the guide on the frame. Page 10 QGIVE SAFETY THE RIGHT OF WAY EAU03099 Further safe-riding points Saf e — r i d i n g poi n t s 8 Be sure to signal clearly when making turns. 8 Braking can be extremely difficult on a wet road. Hard Standard Soft Adjusting position: CAUTION: D Never turn the adjuster beyond the maximum or minimum setting. Page 101: Cylinder Head CYLINDER HEAD CYLINDER HEAD 22 Nm (2.2 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 60 Nm (6.0 mSkg) 8 Nm (0.8 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Cylinder head removal Remove the parts in the order. Далее головкой на 19 с трещеткой крутим гайку вариатора против часовой стрелки на 2-4 оборота, и смотрим, чтобы обе метки совпали.

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Front wheel Refer to “FRONT WHEEL”… Page 192 CHAS FRONT FORK FRONT FORK DISASSEMBLY 45 Nm (4.5 mSkg) 23 Nm (2.3 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Front fork disassembly Remove the parts in order. Page 107: Camshaft And Rocker Arms CAMSHAFT AND ROCKER ARMS CAMSHAFT AND ROCKER ARMS 14 Nm (1.4 mSkg) 8 Nm (0.8 mSkg) 14 Nm (1.4 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Camshaft and rocker arms Remove the parts in order. removal Cylinder head Refer to “CYLINDER HEAD” section. Results in Other Yamaha Motorcycle Literature1-25 of 546View all resultsGot one to sell?Get it in front of 17+ million UK buyers.You may also likeShowing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} — You may also likeTell us what you think — opens in new window or tab. Если подтеков масла нет и компрессия более менее, то очевидно капут сальникам клапанов и (или) маслосьемным кольцам. Refer to “SECONDARY SHEAVE Clutch carrier DISASSEMBLY” section.

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Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor discrepancies between your scooter and this manual. Once higher up the rev range it all starts working very nicely and makes light work of slower moving vehicles in and out of town. После этого дает сигнал 1 человеку — что бы тот отпустил ручку. 5. Во время открытия штуцера будет видно как по трубке выходят пузырьки воздуха (если в системе был воздух) или будет выливаться старая жидкость. Page 43 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Seat lock A Clamp the mainharness and H Clamp the mainharness, A.C. Air filter case sidestand switch lead magneto lead, starter motor Breather hose together the frame. lead and engine earth lead Fuel hose B Clamp the sidestand switch together inside the frame. Форум: >50cc обсуждение p-slava Рейтинг: 2 Возраст: 37 летС нами: 7 лет 68 днейСообщений: 190Транспорт:Yamaha majesty 250Украина, киев Экстрим ремонт! Auto choke unit Throttle stop screw set Pilot screw set Cover/Diaphragm spring Piston valve Jet needle ass’y Coasting enricher Refer to “CARBURETOR ASSEMBLY” Accererating pump Float chamber section. Grab bar Seat lock bracket Tail cover Screw… Page 55 INSP COVER AND PANEL 10 Nm (1.0 mSkg) 7 Nm (0.7 mSkg) 7 Nm (0.7 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Vacuum hose Bracket Fuel tank Fuel tank Reverse the removal procedure for installation. Check the battery. 4. Battery The engine turns over The battery is good.

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Если компрессия низкая — то гаплык ЦПГ. Возможно только кольцам. Ну пока мы гадаем на костях. Повторяем с полным шприцем. 4. После того как жидкость закрыла дно в бачке доливаем ещё сверху и прокачиваем способом №1 сверху-вниз.Если после всех прокачек тормоза все ещё мягкие значит скорее всего воздух остался где-то вверху. Также нужно понимать — что капиталилось и чем? The pressure to perform as well as, or better than them, often causes failure on a colossal scale. Connect a charger and NOTE: AMP meter to the battery, Set the changing voltage at 16 X 17 V. Page 91 INSP BATTERY INSPECTION Charging method using a constant-voltage type charger Measure the open-circuit NOTE: voltage prior to charging. Voltage should be measured 30 min- utes after the machine is stopped. Page 61 IDLING SPEED ADJUSTMENT/ INSP THROTTLE CABLE ADJUSTMENT 3. Check: D Engine idling speed Out of specification ! Adjust. The scooter should not be ridden until checked by a Yamaha dealer. Page 44 SPEC CABLE ROUTING Front flasher light (right) Brake hose stopper D Do not interfere each other Front flasher light (left) Marking after installing the handlebar Handlebar switch (right) lead upper cover.

Берем деревянный брусок, и несколько раз ударяем через него. Прокачав ручкой и зажав её можно спустить воздух через верхний болт. The need for costly overhaul work will be greatly reduced. The result is superb balance at low speeds, stability and poise on the open road and cornering confidence that defies the Max’s step-through configuration. Объем двигателя: 249 см3. Диаметр и ход поршня: 69 x 66,8 мм. Page 187 CHAS FRONT BRAKE CALIPER 26 Nm (2.6 mSkg) 23 Nm (2.3 mSkg) Order Job name/Part name Q’ty Remarks Caliper removal Remove the parts in order.

Далее устанавливаем ее на на распредвал, закручиваем болт крепления распредвала, устанавливаем натяжитель цепи. Utility Vehicles Genuine Yamaha Parts for Yamaha Rhino 700, Rhino 660, Rhino 450 and more. PWC Genuine Yamaha Parts for Yamaha GP1300, FX-HO, FX Cruiser, VX Sport and more. However, they also impose certain limits, which you must accept; even the best scooter does not ignore the laws of physics. Yamaha Parts *Parts and manuals with $0.00 please email us for Pricing and availability* Genuine Yamaha Parts shown here are U.S. models. Pilot jet Main nozzle Reverse the disassembly procedure for assembly. Page 113 VALVES AND VALVE SPRINGS YP402030 4. Measure: S Spring tilt Out of specification ! Replace.

Page 64: Engine Oil PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAU03119 To check the engine oil level Tightening torque: Engine oil 1. Place the scooter on the center- Spark plug: Engi n e oi l The engine oil level should be stand. 17.5 Nm (1.75 m·kgf) checked before each ride. Master cylinder boot Circlip Refer to “MASTER CYLINDER Master cylinder assembly ASSEMBLY” section. Page 89: Replacing A Front Turn Signal Light Bulb EAU03111 7. Install the panel. Page 52 — Items marked with an asterisk (*) require special tools data and technical skills for servicing. Achtung! Много картинокСкрытый текст (+/-)Yamaha YP250 август 1995 года. Делать очень аккуратно, открывать и закрывать быстро, так как жидкость разбрызгивается и вытекает под напором.Проверяем тормоза — зажимаем соответствующую ручку и тащим с силой скутер вперед или назад.

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