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Page 48 To use SIMPLINK ❐ SIMPLINK is a feature that enables you to control and manage various multimedia devices conveniently using only the TV remote control via the SIMPLINK menu. 1 Connect the TV’s HDMI IN terminal and the SIMPLINK device’s HDMI output terminal using an HDMI cable. Page 86 ꕢ For an analogue broadcast, stereo is not clear or sound comes from one speaker only. • In a poor reception area (areas with weak or unstable signals) or if Multi Audio is not stable, select Mono Multi Audio. • Adjust the Balance using the Navigation Button. Есть и другое немаловажное нововведение — новая операционная система WebOS, специально проработанная для использования в телевизорах. Модели с разрешением экрана Ultra HD входят в состав 8 и 9 серий. Не смотря на то, что OLED-телевизоры уже не являются революционной новинкой на рынке, компания LG смогла опередить конкурентов еще в одном аспекте.

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Programme settings change depending on the country you choose. 2 Initiate Auto Tuning. 3 Select Input Source of your choice. 4 Set Auto Tuning following screen instructions. Для людей, которые не хотят переплачивать за качество звука, предусмотрена младшая модель LG UB9500. Динамики здесь базовые, но функции так же много. Page 6 ❓ Cable DTV Setting option When searching for programmes using FULL setting it can take a long time. Это существенно упрощает работу с сервисами Smart TV. Для более эффективной обработки 4К-видео применяется декодер HEVC. Интерфейс HDMI 2.0 здесь тоже есть. When Channel Auto Update is Off, you can only update information for the programme currently being watched. Selects external input. ✎ Edit the device name: You can edit the name of the external device connected to the external input port. Page 36 [Depending on model] SETTINGS ➾ PICTURE ➙ LED Local Dimming Brightens bright areas and darkens dark areas of the image for maximum contrast and minimum blur while reducing power consumption.

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For analogue broadcasting, you can set up station names and use fine tuning. They can select from six colour areas (Red / Green / Blue / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow) without affecting other colours. Page 10 SETTINGS ➾ SETUP ➙ Programme Mode [Depending on model] This function allows you to watch a tuned program in Antenna, Cable, Satellite, or CAM Mode. ✎ You can only watch programs in the selected mode. ✎ The CAM menu is only available when the CAM Mode is enabled. Page 12: Special Teletext Function Special Teletext Function ❐ Press T. OPT button.

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  • Checks the broadcasting time of the desired programme and schedule viewing.
  • Page 5: Automatically Setting Up Programme Automatically Setting Up Programme ❐ SETTINGS ➾ SETUP ➙ Auto Tuning Automatically tunes the programmes. 1 Select Country where the TV is used.
  • The following values are needed in order to search all available programmes quickly and correctly.
  • Page 8 To use Manual Tuning ❐ SETTINGS ➾ SETUP ➙ Manual Tuning Adjusts programmes manually and saves the results.
  • For digital broadcasting, signal strength and signal quality can be checked.

Sets play related settings by checking option during disk playback. Set as favourite programme, block/unblock programme, skip programme etc. of the selected programme. Page 9 To edit programmes ❐ SETTINGS ➾ SETUP ➙ Programme Edit Edits the saved programmes. Page 53 To set the TV to turn on and off automatically ❐ SETTINGS ➾ TIME ➙ On Time / Off Time Sets On / Off time. Page 65 To change TV mode ❐ SETTINGS ➾ OPTION ➙ Mode Setting Selects Home Use Store Demo. Соотношение сторон экрана здесь 21:9, а сам экран изогнут. Page 21 • Full Wide: When TV receives the wide screen signal, it will let you adjust the picture horizontally or vertically, in a linear proportion,to fill the entire screen fully. 4:3 and 14:9 video is supported in full screen without any video distortion through DTV input. The teletext decoder of this TV can support the SIMPLE, TOP and FASTEXT systems.

The Smart Card may not be compatible with the CI module. • When using a CAM(Conditional Access Module), please make sure it meets fully the requirements of either DVB-CI or CI plus. Поддерживается Cinema 3D — технология пассивного 3D, которая отлично себя проявит в сочетании с дисплеем высокого разрешения. В качестве программной платформы используется переработанная операционная система WebOS. Ее интерфейс прост и понятен, базируется на распределении функций по вкладкам. Page 35 SETTINGS ➾ PICTURE ➙ Energy Saving Reduces power consumption by adjusting screen brightness. • : Turns off Energy Saving mode. • Minimum / Medium / Maximum : Applies the pre-set Energy Saving mode. • Screen Off : Screen is turned off and only sound is played. Turn off other electronic devices such as mobile phones, power tools and other small electrical appliances. ꕢ The screen display freezes or does not work properly during a digital broadcast. Page 83 ꕢ Vibrating horizontal /vertical lines and fishnet patterns appear momentarily. • Such a problem may happen when there is strong electronic interference. Page 1 User Guide This is a 「User Guide」 installed on the TV. The contents of this guide are subject to change without prior notice for quality improvement. Page 88 ꕢ There is no sound when connected to an HDMIⓇ / USB source. • Make sure that the HDMIⓇ cable is high speed. • Check that the USB device and cable is version 2.0 or higher. • Use only regular music (*mp3) files. Page 28 To set advanced control ❐ SETTINGS ➾ PICTURE ➙ Picture Mode ➙ Advanced Control / Expert Control Calibrates the screen for each picture mode; or adjusts picture settings for a special screen. Page 31 • Colour Temperature: Adjusts the overall tone of the screen as desired. In Expert mode, detailed fine-tuning can be set via Gamma method, etc. • Colour Management System: This is a system that experts use when they adjust colour with a test pattern.

В 2014 году корейская компания LG сделала ставку на массовое производство OLED-телевизоров, вырвавшись в лидеры этого сегмента. Page 62 SETTINGS ➾ OPTION ➙ Disability Assistance Audio commentary or subtitles are provided for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired. • Hard of Hearing: This function is used for the hearing impaired. If it is set to on, the subtitle is displayed by default. For more information, refer to the user manual of the USB HDD. Page 69 To use My Media ❐ SETTINGS ➾ MY MEDIA ➙ All Media / Movie List / Photo List / Music List Selects a file from the list. This digital teletext can access special digital teletext services and specific services which broadcast digital teletext.

Отдельно стоит отметить мощную акустическую систему, встроенную в нижнюю часть корпуса устройства, и удобный фирменный пуль дистанционного управления Magic Remote. Operational problems ❐ ꕢ Cannot view certain programmes. • Adjust the location or orientation of the antenna. • Save the programmes you wish to view using Auto Tuning Programme Edit. Press any button on the remote control to turn the screen back on. Page 32 To set additional picture options ❐ SETTINGS ➾ PICTURE ➙ Picture Mode ➙ Picture Option Adjusts detailed setting for images. • Noise Reduction : Eliminates noise in the picture. • MPEG Noise Reduction : Eliminates noise generated while creating digital picture signals. For normal images, the effects may not be dramatic… Page 27 To fine-tune picture mode ❐ SETTINGS ➾ PICTURE ➙ Picture Mode ➙ Backlight / Contrast / Brightness / Sharpness / Colour / Tint / Colour Temp. Page 64 To specify Factory Reset ❐ SETTINGS ➾ OPTION ➙ Factory Reset All stored information is deleted and TV settings are reset. TV turns itself off and back on, and all settings are reset. ✎ When Lock System is in place, a pop-up window appears and asks for password. Select the picture mode you wish to reset.