Стратегия торговля по линиям тренда, Линии тренда это полезный инструмент

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Trading with trend lines is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get started with price action trading. Trend lines, as the name suggests indicate which way the price of the security is moving; up or down. Trend line trading also brings with it, some benefits such as the ability to use clean charts.

It allows traders to focus on the most important element of a price chart, which is price itself. While some might find it difficult to trade with trend lines alone, with enough practice you can gain the confidence and be able to plot trend lines in real time. There are many trading strategies that are developed and widely available, based on trend line. Such trading strategies focus on the core concept of price breaking the trend. While one might have come across the saying that the trend is your friend, trading based on counter trend price movements has its own benefits.

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With such counter trend price action, a break on the trend line can reward the chartist with profits that would have been missed if one was a regular trend following trader. But that заработать денег варианты not to say that there are no risks. Trend following strategies work best with swing trading.

This way, the trader is able to capture and remain with the trend over prolonged periods of time.

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This also exposes the trader to the short term swings in price. In this trading strategy called the double trend line trading method, we present a unique way to trade the markets in the short term. This trading strategy is ideally suited for short term traders. It allows you to capitalize on the price action and enables traders to position themselves before such a move happens.

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As a result, this trading strategy is fast paced, but at the same time focuses on a good risk to reward ratio as well. The double trend line trading method The double trend line trading method, as you might have guessed by now makes use of two trend lines.

One might question the benefit of using an additional trend line. The point here is that we make use of a longer term trend line and the shorter term trend line. Traders who have some familiarity with watching the charts will know that trend lines that span over days or weeks are much harder to break compared to the intraday trend lines. Likewise, it is also common knowledge that the steeper a trend line is, the higher the chances that price will break the trend line.

On average, trend lines tend to slope at an angle of 45 degrees. When the trend line is too steep, or too flat, it is only a matter of time for such trend lines to be breached.

With the double trend line strategy, we use the steeper and short term trend line as a trigger for our trades. The стратегия торговля по линиям тренда between the steeper trend line and the longer term trend line is basically the profit стратегия торговля по линиям тренда.

The chart below illustrates the double trend line trading concept. Figure 1: Double trend line trading As shown in the first picture, the major trend line the thicker line is your average trend line. You can see that this has a slope of about 45 degrees.

The second trend line dashed line is the steeper trend line. The slope of the angle of this trend line is evidently higher. When price breaks this steeper trend line, it almost always extends toward the major trend line.

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The more distance there is between the two trend lines, the higher the profit potential. By using this counter trend trading techniques, traders can employ a strategy as simple as using two trend lines to trade with this method. How to trade the double trend line trading strategy? The first step, if to identify a trend on the price chart. You can do this by quickly scanning the securities of your interest.

Typically, we use a one-hour chart time frame. This is more suited if you are a short term trader. The first step is to observe the chart where the trend is clearly bullish or bearish. You can do this by observing the highs and the lows in price.

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Once a trend is identified, the next step is to connect the two consecutive lows to form a rising or a bullish trend line, or to connect the two consecutive highs to form a bearish trend line. Typically, this is the major trend line and we anticipate that when price changes course, it will move to this major trend line. Pay attention to the slope of the trend line as well. It should be at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.

After plotting this major trend line, continue to observe the charts. If the momentum is strong, then you will notice that price will continue in the direction of the trend.

Торговля по линиям тренда

During this period, you can see price rising or falling very fast, forming a new high or a new low. Now, connect the highs компьютеры для трейдинга купить the lows to plot a second trend line.

In this instance, the trend line should be steeper compared to the major trend line that you plotted. Once the two trend lines are plotted on опцион нет касания chart, you can take a short position in case of a rising trend line or a long position in case of a falling trend linetargeting the major trend line.

The next chart illustrates a short position. Figure 2: Double trend line strategy. Short position example In the above example, you can see that the major trend line looks like a normal looking trend line.

While the slope is not exactly 45 degrees in angle, it is still an acceptable slope.

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Within this major trend line, you can see that the bullish стратегия торговля по линиям тренда in price is rising. This leads to another trend line which is much steeper than the first. After a brief consolidation, price breaks lower and стратегия торговля по линиям тренда gravitates towards the major trend line. The stops can be placed near the highest close or the highest high while targeting the trade once price touches the major trend line.

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The next chart, in figure 3 shows a long position that can be taken based off the double trend line strategy from falling trend lines. Figure 3: Double trend line strategy.

Простая стратегия торговли по линии тренда

Long position example In the above example, we illustrate how a long position is taken. Here, if you observe the chart, the first trend line, which is the major trend line is plotted by looking at the significant lower highs that are formed in price. Following this, another trend line is plotted as the bearish momentum pushes prices lower. When this steeper стратегия торговля по линиям тренда line is breached, a long position is taken at the breakout from the steeper trend line.